T (H) R E E S H O P S in B I L L Y B U R G

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Hello NYC, I’m there, in New York, Brooklyn, Baby! I’ve been very busy on Facebook, posting pics everyday, it’s so easy and quick. But than my friend who is not on facebook was wondering if i was gonna blog…. OEPS> That was a wake up call! So, dear friend, here’s my first New York blog. 

IMG_7553I’ve been here for 2 weeks now and am falling in love with Brooklyn. I’m so lucky to be welcomed by my cousin Yolande Milan Batteau (and puppy). She is a great artist (I’ll be posting a blog on her work as well) and has a beautiful taste. Every single shop she shows me I like. Cause of the little puppy, called Phila, shopping is not the easiest, making it even more difficult cause this little dog wants to be carried along….a little pitbull diva it is.

Yolan showed me 3 beautiful stores, all close to each other in Williamsburg, Billyburg as my cuz likes to call it.  This is an uber hipster area in Brooklyn, meaning: artists with beards, goodlooking coffee bars with good coffee, an amazing amount of tattoos on every limb possible, artistic stores and good healthy food. I’m not sure yet if i really like the atmosphere over there, i’ll be spending some more time to see what i really think of it. But for now I prefer a more variety of people like in Clinton Hill where I’m staying right now. The shops in Williamsburg are incredible though!

I wanna show three. And notice the use of trees/wood in their interior. I love this nature style.

1. S P R O U T H O M E, indoor urban gardens. Wanna have look when exploring New York? find it on 44 Grand St, Brooklyn. I’ve never liked a plant store, but sprout home is definitely the first one.

IMG_7565 IMG_7564

IMG_7561 IMG_7560

2. SCOSHA, handcrafted jewelry on 64 Grand Street, Brooklyn.

IMG_7576 IMG_7571

IMG_7569 IMG_7570

3. BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS, clothing, authentic art and more..my favorite of the three. To be found on:  326 Wythe Avenue – Corner of South 1st, Brooklyn. I saw a beautiful carpet and my cousin decided to buy it so i can enjoy watching it on her floor now. It’s made by a Moroccan women collective. IMG_7579IMG_7584


IMG_7583 IMG_7581

IMG_7595 IMG_7586

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