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A couple of months ago i bought a really cute earring from a dutch creative girl called Ineke Krul. The earring was made from a left ‘white pump’ what had once belonged to a barbie doll. I love it. It’s subtle and funny.

packagingbarbie schoentje in oor

The barbie pump brought back childhood memories. I was a barbie girl myself. Not in the sense that i wanted to look like one, but i loved to play with them. And so did my sister Suzy. Not too long ago i picked up some boxes from my parents place with ‘old stuff’ and to my surprise i found two of my  dolls in there, clothed and all. Again it brought back memories of me and my sister playing for days on end with these two ladies (see pics below) having so much fun (fighting about who was gonna play with who was also part of the game). I remember one day we needed one of the barbies to have a boyfriend, since we didn’t have a Ken we decided to cut off the hair of one of the oldest barbies, which was my moms…that was not a great idea. In the first place because we made our mom upset, now her barbie wasnt worth anything anymore and it could have been a vintage treasure.. in the second place cause it didnt really make her look like a ‘him’ anyway. We were still too young to realize cutting hair short does not necessarily make a woman look like a man.

Poor barbie. She never was a favorite of ours anyway, but after that day we really never wanted to play with her anymore…

In honor of this barbie i did a little photoshoot with her wearing the ‘white pump’ shoe.. but first some incredibly important barbie facts for you to read:

1959barbieBarbie’s real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts

Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel, brought her vision of a doll to life with the introduction of Barbie in 1959

Barbie first appeared in the now-famous black-and-white striped swimsuit and signature ponytail

The first Barbie doll was sold for $3.00

Barbie’s first boyfriend, Ken, debuted two years after Barbie in 1961

There is something called the Barbie syndrome – is the desire to have a physical appearance and lifestyle representative of the Barbie doll. It is most often associated with pre-teen and adolescent females but is applicable to any age group. A person withBarbie syndrome attempts to emulate the doll’s physical appearance, even though the doll has unattainable body proportions..


The one in red is the neglected vintage barbie with ruined hair, she’s a little stiff legged but she did really well i think…

image_8image_7image_2image_11  image_15image_13


  1. Frouckje
    16 April 2013

    Wat een leuk blogje. Ik heb zelf ook heel veel met Barbies gespeeld en er zelf ook eens een blogje over geschreven: http://forwartblog.wordpress.com/2009/03/09/barbie/

    • Frouckje
      16 April 2013

      Alleen de foto’s zijn bij het importeren wel uit het blogje verdwenen, helaas.

  2. Ineke
    11 May 2013

    De Vintage Barbie heeft bijna een Utrechts-knotje, met loshangende pieken en al 🙂

  3. Margreet
    26 November 2013

    Ik had deze foto’s nooit gezien! Echt gaaf, die mooie vintage barbies..en ze lijken wel te bewegen!

  4. Suus
    16 August 2016

    I miss.. those barbies…the old days


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