What is S a s k i m o ?

The Saskimo blog explores beauty in textiles and fashion, while highlighting the importance of second hand, fair trade and green business practices.

Who is S a s k i m o ?

Growing up in the Netherlands, cold winters forced me to pull a furry hoodie over my head. My friends and family nicknamed me ‘Saskimo’, a combination of my name, Saskia, and the word eskimo. It’s also a perfect abbreviation of Saskia en Mode (mode is the word for fashion in Dutch).

I am a (fair) fashion lover, crave second-hand-finds, history, colors, floral patterns and am inspired by random things and authentic people.

I studied journalism and history, which led to my fascination of fashion’s influence in western society. For my 23rd birthday I received my first Toyoto sewing machine. Thanks to this machine, I learned the craft of patternmaking and sewing. Years later, I received my costumière diploma (seamstress/tailor) at the Dankaerts tailoring school in Utrecht.

In 2010, I started my small business called ‘Saskimo’. For 3 years, I organized and led several workshops, projects, and products – all purposed to encourage women to critical analyze clothing and consumerism. The most significant project I directed was for a cultural organization called Cultuurhuis Kanaleneiland. They hired me to set up a fashion studio for women in a predominantly Moroccan and Turkish populated neighborhood. The studio was named MA-KE and we offered sewing and crafting classes and created an educational and working place from which women could launch various entrepreneurial endeavors.

In 2013, wanting an adventure, I traveled to New York City. There, I settled in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Since I arrived, I’ve been wandering through the city gaining new experiences, trying new things, and reflecting on the fascinating (fashion) culture of the world’s greatest city. Currently, I work for the incredible No.6 store in Soho

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